Website design

I create websites from scratch and also revamp existing ones. Nowadays, all the sites I build are responsive – which means the page layout automatically adjusts to suit the screen width of whichever device you’re using.

Most of the pages on this site are devoted to my website work.

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I’m far from being a professional graphic artist (I’m more of a jack of all trades) but I’ve produced a variety of tables, diagrams, logos, icons, maps, charts and other devices for clients’ websites and printed material. There’s often been no extra charge for these. A selection of examples is shown in the gallery below:


I’ve artworked stationery for numerous clients, often in a design that echoes the style of their websites. Among the items I’ve produced are:

  • – Business cards
  • – Letterheads
  • – Compliments slips
  • – Address labels and return address labels


Usually I pass the artwork to the client, who then buys the print. But sometimes I’ve dealt directly with the printers, especially when there’s been something unusual about the job, such as the use of metallic inks, or printing onto an unconventional surface.

Please ask me to quote for stationery design and artwork if you’re interested. The cost is likely to be in the region of £75.

I used to work in account management at a major London agency so I could confidently co-ordinate a full-scale advertising campaign for your business, including media buying. However, clients usually just ask me to produce one or two press ads or web banners – and I’m happy to do that for a very reasonable fee (typically around £50). Shown below, magazine adverts in German and Italian for Casa Capena:

I’ve also produced printed literature for several clients. The material has included posters and glossy brochures – but most often A5 flyers and postcards.

Marketing consultancy
I have decades of experience in marketing and communications. For a modest fee (usually under £250) I can draft a marketing plan for your business, perhaps to assist you when seeking investment. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss a project of this kind.

When building your website I can often make constructive suggestions regarding ways in which you could optimise the site from a marketing point of view. There’s no extra charge for this. But I won’t inflict my opinions on you if all you want me to do is get the thing online 😉

I do all kinds of photography and especially enjoy portraiture. As a consequence of my work on Hidden London I have a lot of experience with cityscapes and architectural photography.

Also, I’m very good with Photoshop. Should you wish, I could probably make significant improvements to any photo you’ve taken and might want to feature on your website.

I’ve unintentionally become a specialist in photographing home interiors (usually for rental properties). The four photos below show rooms in a flat in London’s Abbey Road.

Copywriting and proofreading

In addition to having worked in advertising and marketing, I’ve compiled a couple of reference books and done copious copywriting, editing and proofreading. In the case of one client, I’ve written almost every word of the text on his website. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss commissioning me for this kind of work.


Marketing gifts
I’ve created the occasional t‑shirt and mug and I’d like to do more of this sort of thing because it’s my idea of fun.