How quickly can you build my website?

Obviously it can vary, and will in part depend on how urgently you need the site to be up and running. But if you’ve already written the text, and know (roughly) how you’d like the site to be illustrated, a first draft can be ready for your inspection within three or four days. Perfecting everything – both to my satisfaction and yours – can take as long again. In summary: it can all be done in little more than a week.

What if I want to add or change something later?


Long after everything’s been signed off and paid for, I’ll still be happy to make any changes or additions you’d like. Or I can show you how to edit pages yourself – it’s not difficult though it may take you a while to get the hang of it. I can even provide you with an illustrated PDF manual (nowhere near as thick as the pretend one in the picture), tailored to the specific attributes of your site. If you decide to make edits yourself and accidentally wreck a page, just let me know and I’ll repair the damage 🙂

I’ve seen a website I like the look of. Can you do something similar for me?

Probably, though it may depend on certain specific characteristics of that site. Let’s give it a try though!

Are your prices lower for revamping an existing website?

In most cases it takes as much work (or even a little more) to rebuild an old website as it does to create a new one from scratch, so my prices are the same for either type of job. If you think your website might be an exception to this rule, please mention this when you contact me.

What things are likely to cost extra?

The most commonly needed extras are stock images. Many are available from free sites like Pixabay, PxHere and my personal favourite, Unsplash. But if you require a very specific type of image then it may have to be paid for. This especially applies to pictures of people. The more competitive photo libraries usually charge £5–10 per image. I’ll gladly do the picture research for you at no extra cost – and I’ll advise you of the price before buying an image on your behalf.

Apart from that, I hope you’ll almost always be pleasantly surprised to find that something you suspected might incur an additional charge is actually free. Rarely, it may be the opposite.

Icons created for the Call Nico website
Contrasting examples:
  • You might like a personalised set of icons on your website, tailor‐made to suit your business, and in your favourite colour. I’ll be happy to create those for you at no extra cost.
  • You might want the theme credit (like the one at the very bottom of this page) to be removed. That will cost about £50 – not payable to me but to the theme’s creator.

None of these caveats about extra costs applies to the £500 ‘Bells and Beluga’ package, which is inclusive of stock images, a paid‐for theme (with no creator’s credit at the bottom of the page) and anything else you might want.

Can the site use my favourite font?

Your website’s text can be set in almost any typeface in existence. However, if it’s not a Google font or a standard web font like Verdana, displaying your favourite font could cost you around £100 (including italic and bold versions). I’ve written a separate page expanding on this subject. Please click here if you’re interested.

Does the price include VAT?

My annual revenue falls well below the taxable turnover threshold, so I am not registered for and do not charge VAT.

What are your payment terms?

After the job is completed to your satisfaction I’ll send you a PDF invoice by email. Ideally I’d like to be paid within 30 days, by bank transfer or by PayPal. I also accept used fivers in a brown envelope.

Any other questions?

Please send me a message.