About me

I’m Russ Willey, the creator and curator of Hidden London, and a constructor of stylish and affordable websites for small businesses and freelancers.

I have a BA in Social Sciences from York University. I’ve worked most of my life in advert­ising and marketing. My employers have included the Young & Rubicam advert­ising agency, BBC World Service and a couple of Swiss multina­tionals. In 2005 I started the Hidden London website – and I’ve also compiled a couple of London-related reference books.

self portrait
Russ Willey

I began to build sites for friends about ten years ago. Since then, most of my commis­sions have come through word-of-mouth recom­mend­ation but I’ve recently begun to expand my customer base by advert­ising my creative services on my own website, Hidden London.

The more websites I’ve built, the more I enjoy this work. Once I’d mastered the basics of coding (cascading style sheets aren’t my forte, but I know enough to get by) I could focus on combining aesthetic excel­lence with marketing effect­iveness – and I find that extremely satis­fying.

I also relish being able to fine-tune a website to make every page, every section, just that little bit better. Even after a site may already appear finished, I’m liable to make several dozen refine­ments. Some of these may be imper­ceptible to the casual observer but, taken together, they help lift everything to a higher level – or so I hope.

I’m a keen photo­grapher so I’d welcome the chance to take a shot or two for your website. Such oppor­tun­ities don’t always arise, but I’m chuffed when they do. I took almost all the photos on the Casa Capena site, for example, including the ones shown below.