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Hidden London’s web design service is ideal for small businesses and freelancers who want an elegant and inform­ative site that conveys an impression of integrity, profess­ionalism and approach­ab­ility. (A bit like this little site, hopefully.)

I offer this service at budget prices – typically £300 for a website like this one.

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Single page: £200

For some clients a one-page site is all that’s required. Visitors can scroll down to learn everything they need to know about your business, arriving at your contact info at the bottom.

Simple site: £300

Most websites fall into this category. And there are seldom any extra charges, hidden or otherwise.

Complex site: £400

This category includes very large websites, e-commerce sites and membership sites.

Bells and beluga: £500

This is my deluxe category and the price includes any and all paid-for resources that may be required.

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Other services

Stationery design, artwork and print buying
Marketing consultancy
Copywriting and proofreading
Flyers and other marketing collateral
Advertising and media buying

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Your website can reflect your skill and profess­ionalism. You can have matching stationery too, if you like.

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I’ll look forward to hearing from you whether you’re at the first stage of planning a website or ready and raring to go.

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